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Newsletter - March 4, 2014
"Working together, then, we appeal to you not to receive the grace of God in vain. For he says: In an acceptable time I heard you, and on the day of salvation I helped you. Behold, now is a very acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation."
2 Corinthians 5:20 - 6:2.

Ash Wednesday
Wednesday, March 5
Mass at 8 am, 1:30 pm, 7 pm
Tomorrow, all are invited to celebrate the beginning of the Lenten season on Ash Wednesday. Mass and the distribution of ashes will be held at 8 am, 1:30 pm, which will be a school Mass, and 7 pm. Ashes will also be distributed at our local nursing homes including Three Crowns, Alden Estates, and Over the Rainbow. For further information, please check the bulletin (http://www.seekandfind.com/find/st-athanasius-church-60201).

Stations of the Cross
Fridays during Lent, 6:30 pm
The Stations of the Cross, followed by a light potluck supper, will be held on each Friday of Lent. Our first service will be this Friday, March 7th at 6:30 pm with the prayers being led by our 2nd and 3rd graders from both the school and family program. All are invited to attend.

Lenten Resources for Adults
Chicago Archdiocese Lenten Resources
The Chicago Archdiocese (http://www.archchicago.org) has put together a webpage of Lenten Resources, including Lenten Fast and Abstinence Regulations (http://www.odw.org/Portals/199/Lenten%20Regulations%20-%202014%20ALL%20THREE%20LANGUAGES_%20FINAL_1.pdf); "Give Time To God" Lenten activity (http://www.archchicago.org/lent/pdf/2014/GiveTimeToGod.pdf); "91 Days Program" (Lent/Easter reflections on Catholic Social Teaching) (go to http://www.ilcatholic.org/); and more.

Give Up, Take Up, Lift Up!
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has put together resources to help enrich your Lenten Practice. Go to http://www.usccb.org to access the full listing of resources, which includes a Lenten Calendar, Lenten Audio Retreats, Lent Videos, the Papal Message for Lent 2014 as well as suggestions on how to make the most of the three traditional pillars of Lenten observance - prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Moved To Greater Love
Moved to Greater Love is a Jesuit designed, 9-week Lenten/Easter digital prayer experience beginning on Sunday, March 2 and concluding on Sunday, May 4. Each evening, material for the following day's prayer will be posted on the main website, which can be accessed here: http://www.jesuits.org/story?TN=PROJECT-20140128033207. Participants who sign up using the "opt-in" feature, found at http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=0011-k1A9SnI602C04DoEkqNf99RcNAIljJddsuVrPGHnfn_x1N3zqH5i_-ZRnrNH3z6ouZQ3dVzIVl1Hsd9c4U-kJ_ZcO03NDMhj-_R728jABs6CLG4s9oVE9CrCxTiNDJ2YMPQCWuTWcY3xM3htXmzkESgtE85rBZu49kRqbAWsskB4gPInLlqO8m6T9CJFseJ5r2GxUWVdI%3D, receive an evening email with a link to the newly posted content.

Journey Through Lent with Fr. Robert Barron
This year, you can journey through Lent with Fr. Robert Barron, creator of the "Catholicism" series and founder of Word on Fire Ministries. Journey through Lent provides daily reflections and exclusive videos. For more information and to sign up to receive the daily emails, go to http://www.lentreflections.com.

Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl App
The Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl App (http://crs.org/ricebowl-app) is a new way to bring Lent to life. Features include: prayerful reflection for each day of Lent; customizable tool to set Lenten sacrifice goal and track progress towards its achievement; meatless recipes for Fridays during Lent; and stories and videos of people who benefit for prayers and almsgiving to CRS Rice Bowl. The app can be downloaded on the App Store and Google play.

Lenten Resources for Children
March, Lent & Holy Week Activities for Catholic Families
Many Little Blessings produces a monthly and Lenten list of activities for Catholic families. The list contains simple ways to connect as a family during the year. For the March printable, go to http://www.manylittleblessings.com/10-march-activities-for-catholic-families-printable, and for the Lenten printable, go to http://www.manylittleblessings.com/10-lent-and-holy-week-activities-for-catholic-families-printable.

Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure
Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure (http://www.holyheroes.com/Holy-Heroes-Lenten-Adventure-s/37.htm) provides several emails every week that contain fun and educational videos, printable coloring pages & activities, audio prayers & stories and other fun surprises. To learn more and sign up for the emails, go to http://www.holyheroes.com/Holy-Heroes-Lenten-Adventure-s/37.htm.

St. Athanasius Vision Keepers Honored at February Dinner
It's been happening every Christmas for the past 25 years. During those years, members of St. Athanasius Parish have donated more than 3,700 gifts and 1,000 holiday meals to clients of the Howard Area Community Center (HACC) (http://howardarea.org), which serves the area north of Howard in Rogers Park.

It took a whole lot of vision and organizing to involve families and children. It was the energy, skill and dedication of nine women who made it possible as coordinators of the parish Christmas Wish Basket program. They are the St. Athanasius 2014 Vision Keepers: Carmelina Stoklosa, Anne Marie McMichael, Lisa Gobbi, Beth Osterlund, Susan Kapche, Mary Bowles, Anne Donoghue, Sue Fox and Donna Masini.

They were honored at the annual Interfaith Action of Evanston Vision Keepers dinner Sunday, February 16, at the Hilton Orrington Hotel.

The women began their efforts on behalf of the Howard Area Community Center (HACC) families when their own children were young and their families were part of the Parish Family Religious Education program.

To make it happen, HACC supplies names of families and other HACC clients with gift suggestions, along with items for Christmas dinner. Parishioners sign up in early December to contribute and bring the food and gifts to the parish school on delivery day.

"Shopping for the gifts became a holiday tradition for many families," said Beth Osterlund. "People in the parish were always extremely generous," said Lisa Gobbi. "The experience is a wonderful vehicle for teaching children about community service."

"We often brought some extra gift items, just in case some people who signed up wouldn't make it in on that final day," said Osterlund. "But every year they all showed up, wrapped gifts and food in hand."

A delivery day crew of eight to 10-including 8th grade students who adopt the project-- check in the gifts and food, sort them into baskets for each family. They load all of it into a rented truck and bring it to HACC--to the delight of waiting families.

Congregations from all over Evanston honored their Vision Keepers at the dinner, which was a benefit for Interfaith Action of Evanston (http://interfaithactionofevanston.org). The funds raised will provide support for the organization's activities on behalf of hungry and homeless people, including its Hospitality Center, emergency overnight shelters, winter warming center, soup kitchens and Produce Mobile.

Extended Parish Office Hours
In order to better serve our St. Athanasius community, our parish office hours have been extended to 9 am - 4:30 pm.

Sunday Evening Teen Gatherings
All of our teens and recently confirmed 8th graders are invited to our Sunday evening gatherings from 4-5 pm as part of the St. Athanasius Youth Ministry Program. These real-life experiences and opportunities will help our teens to build lasting friendships with one another and our ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ. Support us by spreading the word and encouraging our teenagers to come.

Newsletter Submissions
If you have information you would like included in the newsletter, please submit it to news@stathanasius-evanston.org.

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Website Changes
Thank you for your patience as we design a new Parish website. Our new website will hopefully be up and running in the next few months. Until then, please see the Announcements below for current news and staff contact information. Copies of the most recent issues of the Chimes bulletin can be downloaded from www.seekandfind.com.

If you would like to volunteer to input content and updates for the new website, please contact the Rectory at 847-328-1430.

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Football Parking 2014
For information regarding parking in the school lot during Northwestern Football Games, please contact Jim Potthast at 847-328-1430, ext. 120, or by email at jpotthast@stathanasius-evanston.org.

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Children's Liturgy of the Word
Children's Liturgy of the Word has returned at the 9:30am Mass, every other weekend, led by parishioner Claire Labbe. In Children's Liturgy of the Word, young children leave during the Liturgy of the Word and gather in the Hartke room to celebrate a separate Liturgy of the Word that is more appropriate to their level of understanding.

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Would you like to receive our eNewsletter?
We've introduced a new way to bring timely information to our parishioners and friends. Our eNewsletter is emailed, about twice each month, with important information regarding upcoming events at St. A's. If you do not now receive the eNewsletter but would like to, please send your email address to stathanasiusnews@gmail.com.
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Parish Staff Contact Information
To contact a staff member dial the main number (847) 328-1430 and enter their extension:

Beccaloni, Marie - Parish Office, Ext. 100 (saintasparish@gmail.com)
Berg, Judy - School Communications Coordinator, Ext. 107 (jberg@saintas.net)
Castagna, Susan - Principal, Ext. 115 (scastagna@saintas.net)
Cuevas, Fr. Hernan - Administrator, Ext. 103 (hcuevas@stathanasius-evanston.org)
Goszczynski, Lori - Bereavement and Pastoral Care, (847) 475-6324 (lgoszczynski@stathanasius-evanston.org)
Hinkler, Jim - Business Manager, Ext. 105 (jhinkler@archchicago.org)
Lauri, Jean - Generations Campaign Administrative Assistant, Ext. 116 (jlauri@stathanasius-evanston.org)
Libera, Fr. Tom - Pastor Emeritus, Ext. 131 (tlibera@stathanasius-evanston.org)
School Secretary - Ext. 101
Moreno, José - Facilities Manager, Ext. 114 (jmoreno@saintas.net)
Potthast, Jim - Youth Minister, Ext. 120 (jpotthast@stathanasius-evanston.org)
Quish, Mary - Assistant Principal, Ext. 122 (mquish@saintas.net)

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Childcare is offered during 9:30am Mass
We offer babysitting for young children during our Sunday 9:30am Mass, relocated back to the Rosemeyer Room (lower level of the Parish House). Our childcare provider is Kausar Allahrakha Khokhar, who has provided child care at St. Athanasius Parish for many years and is certified in CPR and First Aid. Advance reservations are not required.

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Our Church Restoration is Complete
Our exterior repairs included grinding and re-pointing the mortar joints, replacing all sealants around the windows and doors, replacing the copper gutters and downspouts, replacing the flat sacristy roofs, refinishing the doors, rebuilding the bell tower parapet walls, and removing and rebuilding the top half of a stone column to inspect the exposed wood column for moisture and decay. The walls of the northeast (Altar Server) sacristy were rebuilt. The stones on the front of the Church were cleaned; the metal window and door frames, and the railings at the entrances were repainted. All five exterior doors of the Church were refinished and reinstalled.

Three of the stained glass windows above the front entrance of the Church were repaired, and the aged Lexan that covered all of the windows above the entrance was replaced with new clear protective glass. In addition, eight window panels along the aisles of the Church and in the Lincoln Street sacristy were also repaired.

Our interior repairs began on February 7, 2011, and were completed in time for our Parish Rededication on May 1, 2011.

WHAT WE DID: When the exterior repairs to our Church were completed late last winter, we had substantially changed the interior atmosphere of the building by sealing it up. We were told then to wait a full year before beginning any interior masonry or plaster repairs. This waiting period allowed us time to compile our “wish list” of what those repairs would include, and to assemble a team of contractors and tradesmen to complete those repairs. Our wish list included repairing all of the damaged interior plaster, repairing, patching or replacing damaged limestone and stones at the arches and around the windows, painting all plaster surfaces, cleaning all exposed interior surfaces and permanent fixtures within the Church, installing new light fixtures, and installing a new sound system and projectors.

COLUMNS: Our repairs began the first week of February, delayed slightly by the Blizzard of 2011. The column at the south east corner of the Church, which had displayed elevated moisture readings throughout the exterior repairs, was opened first and vented to allow sufficient time to dry — we needed as much time as possible to allow it to dry out and to assure that no further moisture was entering the column. Scaffolding remained there throughout the project.

PLASTER: The interior walls were stripped of all damaged plaster and coatings. The proper lime-mortar plaster mix was approved and applied in the areas where most of the damage had occurred – at the north west corner of the church, near the statue of Mary, and at the north east corner of the church, near the piano, where the water had damaged not only the plaster, but also the stone surrounds. The plaster was replaced at the south east corner of the church, and most of the upper half of the wall behind
the altar.

PAINT AND STAIN: The wood ceiling over the altar was refinished and stained. The Stations of the Cross around the interior of the Church were repaired where needed and the frames, which had been cement gray, are now a rich shade of brown. The sanctuary arch over the altar was also painted brown with ribbons of red, which match the frames and background of the Stations of the Cross. The beautiful wheat color of the interior walls, and the lighter shade used in the aisles, were chosen with the guidance of Lisa Rigali, of Daprato Rigali. Lisa is the 5th generation of this family-owned business – in 1937, this same company, then called the Studios of Daprato Statuary Company, designed and installed our tabernacle, marble altars, statues and wrought iron railings.

SOUND: The large “horn” speaker at the top of the arch over the altar was removed, and new speakers were installed at every column, digitally timed to distribute sound evenly to everyone in the Church as though they are all hearing it at once. Existing speakers were relocated to the Choir Loft, and small speakers were installed on the altar as monitors. We will repurpose our existing projector, and have replaced it with two projectors, linked together to project words or pictures on the walls to the left and the right in front of the altar with unobstructed views.

ALTAR SERVER SACRISTY: The walls and ceiling in the Altar Server Sacristy, at the north east corner of the building, were completely replaced.

LIGHTING: The 16 ceiling can light fixtures in the church nave and choir loft were removed and replaced, but the lowering mechanism that allows those fixtures to be dropped when bulbs need to be replaced was retained. New light fixtures were installed over the altar and behind the altar to illuminate the north wall. Lights will illuminate the stained glass windows over the Lincoln Street doors to display their beauty at night. Energy-efficient LED bulbs will replace the existing bulbs in our historic (original) chandeliers. All fixtures in the Church (except those in the aisles and vestibule) are controlled with dimmable switches to conserve electricity.

BELLS!!! Our Church bells now ring each day, on the hour, the Angellus at noon and at 6pm, on Saturdays before the 5:00pm Mass, and on Sundays before the 9:30am and the 11:30am Masses.

EXTRAS: We encountered some work during our interior repairs that was originally not anticipated—the asbestos that covered the pipes in the tunnel that runs under the perimeter of the Church was removed, some additional electric work was encountered due to the age and condition of some of our wiring and conduits, and some additional stones were replaced instead of being repaired based on their condition.

THANK YOU: Our thanks to the generous donors whose contributions, through The Generations Campaign, have made the exterior and interior restoration of our beautiful Church possible.

ACCESSIBILITY: On Saturday, August 11, 2012, we held a ribbon-cutting ceremony following the 5:00pm Mass to officially "open our doors" and celebrate the completion of our accessibility project. The sidewalk leading to the front steps of the Church has been replaced with a sloped sidewalk that meets the granite threshold of the entry doors, eliminating all stairs. The right-hand door can now be automatically opened, and terraces and seat walls have been added to enhance our outdoor hospitality.

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Eucharistic Worship:
Saturday 8:15 am and 5:00 pm
Sunday 8:00, 9:30, 11:30 am,
and 5:00 pm
Monday-Friday 6:30 and 8:15 am

St. Athanasius
1615 Lincoln Street
Evanston, Illinois 60201
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St. Athanasius Church
Ground was broken for a combination church-school structure, with the cornerstone laid on October 27, 1922.
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Family Programs:
The Family Program provides religious education for children, ages three through eighth grade.
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